Frustrated With Trying To Get Airplay, Reviews, Interviews, And Media Features? Why Is It So Hard?

d grant smith indie music growth farmer success relationship buildingYou’ve come to the right place.

Musicians and artists like you work really hard on creating powerful, dynamic and amazing work. It’s the marketing and promotion stuff that’s complicated, right? Have you started reaching out to media like radio and blogs to get reviews and features? But they don’t reply or pick up your music. What gives?

Why do some artists that don’t seem to have as much talent or as excellent of a sound get played on the radio instead of you? If you’ve experienced this pain in struggling to get picked up by media you’re not alone. And you came to the best place for help.

I’m D Grant Smith and I’ve spent the past 20 years working in radio as an indie show curator. I’m the guy you’re trying to get your music in front of to be showcased. But I’m also the Growth Farmer. I help people grow kickass relationships for success. Which is what I’ll show you how to do in this course.

Over the past decade and a half I’ve created a syndicated radio program that’s connected hundreds of great musicians to new fans. I get zillions of submissions and pitches from solo artists and publicists. So does every media person in the industry. I’ve been in your shoes as a creator trying to get your music and work heard. I became a syndicated radio host by marketing myself in a way that actually works, and builds connections along the way.

THIS is what you’ll learn how to do in this course.

It’s the relationship building method (what I call Growth Farming) that creates the features you’re looking for. Here in this course, you’ll learn the proven step-by-step process to contact media and get them to pay attention to you. You’ll learn what to say, how to position yourself and your music for more opportunities, and time management secrets to stay on track.

It’s all right here. This video course features videos that I recorded earlier, which you’ll notice in the change of facial hair (notably the goatee). Everything in the material is current and effective. I continue to use this method and principles to grow my platform and career, including building connections with iconic leaders in businesses across the globe. Follow the method and the steps I’ll show you here and you’re going to win!

You’re also going to get a PDF copy of the critically acclaimed DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook, which will serve as a manual for everything you’ll work through inside the course.

This may be called the Indie Radio Promotion Course, but the lessons taught in this course have much bigger applications than just radio. Use what you’ll learn in this course to grow your audience through social media, interactions at gigs, your website, and your communication with other media (podcasts, radio, and blogs).


It’s all rolled into one platform, just for you. Here’s what’s in the course:

  1. A downloadable copy of The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook
  2. Nine videos explaining everything and putting my insights directly in front of you
  3. Nine detailed Lessons providing a thorough explanation of everything you need to do to know the process of growth hacking your audience building, networking secrets to gain influential new contacts, relationship building insights for better features, and much more.
  4. A Radio Contact List To Start Your Promotions From
  5. Sample messages to base your outreach on
  6. Much Much More…….

It’s a Win-Win-Win for you.

Join me now and  gain access to everything to take your audience building and outreach to media to a whole new level.

Click here and see you inside!

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