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d grant smith indie music growth farmer success relationship buildingYou are a very special artist, and your growth is important. I’m D Grant Smith and I work with special artists like you to make audience growth a slam dunk.

I was once in your shoes, trying to get my radio program heard by more people. I learned (from trial and error) a proven process to get the attention of other stations and get my syndicated radio show added to other stations. That’s 59 minutes of music. Which is more content to market to radio than 1 song.

You’re wanting to get 1 or 2 songs picked up. This is easily manageable when you learn How-To effectively.

It’s more than just sending a cold email.

Have you bought into the notion that getting signed to a label, or getting a PR company to do your promotion and marketing will grow your fan base?

Do you think marketing and promotions are something too big for you to do yourself, or understand how to win?

Let’s put these myths to rest. You can get added to the RIGHT radio stations and programs.

It’s a matter of mindset. Let me show you how it works.

It turns out that you as an artist have all the capabilities of learning how to do what both labels and PR companies claim to do, only do it better.

That’s what this Indie Promotion Radio Course is all about. You’ll learn exactly what steps I took to get The Appetizer Radio Show added to stations across the country, build a strong fan base and have people looking me up to add my music show to their platform.

I’ve compiled all the lessons I learned in the process into one platform, showing you every step along the way to not just get added, but make a powerful impression on people, which creates better networking and relationship building opportunities.

The lessons taught in this course have much bigger applications than just radio. This is a method in fan base building through social media, interactions at gigs, your website, and your communication with media (TV, radio, and blogs).

It’s all rolled into one platform, just for you. Here’s what’s in the course:

  1. A downloadable copy of The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook

  2. Nine videos explaining everything and putting my insights directly in front of you

  3. Nine detailed Lessons providing a thorough explanation of everything you need to do to know the process of growth hacking your  audience building, networking secrets to gain influential new contacts, relationship building insights for better features, and much more.

  4. A Radio Contact List To Start Your Promotions From

  5. Sample messages to base your outreach on

  6. Much Much More…….


It’s a Win-Win-Win for you.

Just so we’re clear, the method has been taught and put into action for musicians I’ve worked with across the country (testimonials coming soon). Artists and musicians in all genres are making connections with radio and media by using the steps and insights found in this course. You will too.

Since you’re a go-getter, I know you’re going to get a lot out of this, AND you’re going to give me some solid feedback on how to make this course even better.

Looking forward to having you join me inside.



Indie Radio Promotion Course