ProductThe Ultimate Connection Bundle

Make The Growth Farming Method Work For You For BIG Success

Build real connections and relationships with influencers in music and entertainment to massively grow your audience and reach new levels of success with your music.


That’s me, D Grant Smith

Everything you need is in the Ultimate Connection Bundle:

  • Gain Radio Airplay, Blog Reviews, Interviews, & Connection With Music Media Professionals.
  • Build A Rock-Solid Contact List Of Industry Influencers.
  • Grow Your Audience & Reach More Music Fans
  • Everything You’ll Learn Can Apply To All Aspects Of Your Music Marketing & Promotions


Here’s What You’re Going To Receive:

You’ll gain a step-by-step process for submitting your music to radio, blogs, podcasts, and music curators through the Indie Radio Course.

You’ll also get two powerful Ebooks on music submissions, radio promotion, music marketing, and promotion with digital copies of the DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook and The Essential Recipe For Effective Music Submissions.



A special training course featuring myself and Steve Palfreyman (from Music Launch Hub) that will teach you how to be your own badass PR professional.

These resources have been bundled together in one place to give you more tools, tactics, strategies, how-to materials, and help than you will find anywhere else.


The bundle has been seriously discounted just for you to ensure massive growth for you this year. But this discount is only for a limited time so join now!


A Little Honest Truth & More Help For You To Truly Grow

The Indie Radio Course by itself retails for $550. And if you’re like most musicians (and most people for that matter) you don’t have $550 laying around to put into a training course.

But let’s be honest, if the course were only $100 would you actually go through the whole thing? Or would you start, do a few videos, then assume you know the rest and allow yourself to be distracted with who’s doing what on Facebook?

To ensure that you get the most out of this experience and actually finish the course (plus go through the bonus materials and the bonus course), I’ve made this bundle affordable. For just $275, you’ll get all of the teachings, trainings, tools, templates, and tactics (yes, 5 big T’s) to get music media begging for more of your music.

I’m here to help you grow. All you have to do is jump into this opportunity with me by buying the course bundle below.

If you decide you want to go it on your own and figure it all out by yourself, that’s cool too. Best of luck to you.

But if you really want to be an uncommon artist and learn how to get your music on the radio, on podcasts, on blogs, and in front of music curators, then jump in this Bundle and learn the REAL way from someone who’s worked in radio, podcasting, music blogs, and been a music curator for 20 years. See you inside!


When you finish, reach out to me and tell him about the results you’re getting.

I want to hear about your story & build a stronger connection with you too.




The Ultimate Connection Bundle